soft, flabby and factice, 2016,
distemper and oil on linen,
213.5 x 152.5 cm

Positive Space, 2016,
distemper and oil on linen on panel,
wood frame, 76 x 58 cm

Positron, 2016,
distemper on linen on panel,
painted wood frame, 42 x 32 cm
divisions and returns.jpg

divisions and returns, 2015,
distemper and oil on linen, 243.5 x 194 cm
unitholder 482.jpg

unitholder 482, 2014,
egg tempera and oil on panel, 41 x 51 cm

Coaching: Introductory Analysis of a Still Life, 2014,
distemper on linen, 244 x 183 cm
Empty Shelf_PH0137_MR.jpg

Empty Shelf, 2013,
distemper on canvas, 228.5 x 96.5 cm
Empty Shelf_PH0139_MR.jpg

Empty Shelf, 2013,
distemper on canvas, 228.5 x 165 cm

you can always come back (but you can’t come back all the way), 2012-13,
tempera on wood, 30 x 46 cm

the future for me is already a thing of the past, 2012-13,
tempera on wood, 30 x 46 cm

this tiny span, 2011-12,
gouache on paper, 61 x 91 cm

all suppression, 2012,
tempera on wood, 45 x 41 cm

how hummingbirds choose flowers, 2012,
charcoal, watercolour, pencil, oil on linen, 171 x 168 cm

the mind by the mind, 2010,
tempera on panel, 25 x 52 cm

superficial agitations of matter, 2010,
tempera on panel, 40 x 30 cm

to know oneself does not seem natural, 2010,
tempera on panel, 43 x 33 cm

slippage between, 2009,
tempera on panel,
61 x 53 cm

fools are more impressed, 2009,
marker on panel, 53 x 48 cm

plastic unity of existence, 2008,
tempera on panel, 34 x 47 cm

an interplay of something, 2008,
tempera on panel, 41 x 44 cm

toward its expressive peak, 2008,
tempera on panel, 39 x 36 cm

curious ability, 2007, tempera on panel, 32 x 30 cm

seemingly carelessly, 2007, tempera on panel, 39 x 36 cm

Patrick Howlett

Patrick Howlett’s enigmatic paintings investigate the indeterminate nature of meaning in abstraction. His works are derived from a long process of transformations of images and text, a strategy that obfuscates a certain position of meaning while elaborating another.

“ The possible relation of title to image is an indeterminate one that plays one role in the creation my work and another in the experience of it. In some ways I use it as a cornerstone, in other ways it is a guide and a link and in another way it is meaningless. Having a title might create awareness of the gap between meaning and thing or intellect and intuition while at the same time create connections. If there is a strain, perhaps it can function as an antidote to the abstraction that takes place through language  all the time. ”

— Patrick Howlett

born in Toronto, Ontario
BFA, Concordia University, Montréal
MFA, University of Victoria, Victoria

Selected Solo Exhibitions

   Joe Project, Montreal
miraculous network,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

texting the humours,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

The Slow Rhythms of Reason,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

The Personal Atmosphere,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

unitholders, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition


Improving Your Squash, G Gallery, Toronto

Part time Offerings, Museum London, London

How Hummingbirds Choose Flowers,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

review, The Khyber Institute of
   Contemporary Art, Halifax
the possible and the real,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

Facts about Digestion, Yellow Box Gallery,
   Saint Thomas University, Fredericton
the higher you get the higher you get,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
and, but, however, Struts Gallery, Sackville
menu, Main Gallery, Visual Art Building,
   University of Victoria

Selected Group Exhibitions

Heads, McIntosh Gallery, London
Line & Verse: Canada-Taiwan Exchange,
   East Asian Library, Toronto
Public Information, Carl Louie, London
, Librairie Blaizot, Paris, France
Para//el Room, DNA Art Space, London
Magenta wants to push physical reality to its leaky margins,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
No Boys with Frogs, DNA Art Space, London
More than Two (Let it Make Itself), The Power Plant, Toronto
Zig Zag, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
... Pas tout à fait ... Not Quite ..., Galerie d’art
   Stewart Hall, Pointe Claire
Site Exercises, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Double Confluence, Atelierhof Kreuzberg,
RBC Canadian Painting Competition:
   Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver;
   Art Gallery of Edmonton, Edmonton;
   Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon
RBC Canadian Painting Competition:
   The Power Plant, Toronto;
   Museum London, London;
   Musée d’art contemporain, Montréal;
   National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
düsseldorf contemporary redux,
   Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Trip-In: The Ontology of the Imaginative
   Realm, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
RPM, Deluge Gallery, Victoria
So, You Want To Think Freely!, Production
   Studio, Vancouver (curated by Lucy Pullen)
Institutionalized, Rogue Art, Victoria
Collective Visions, Mclure Gallery, Visual Arts
   Centre, Montréal

FrameWork 10/22

by Mathilde Varanese (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, October 2022

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FrameWork 10/20

by Pardiss Amerian, Ella Gonzales and Patrick Howlett

Susan Hobbs Gallery, October 2020

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FrameWork 6/19

by Anouchka Freybe (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, June 2019

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Feeling Good, Feeling Bad: The Self-Help Vibrations of Patrick Howlett

by Heather White (review)

Momus, 19 January 2017

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FrameWork 12/16

by Alex Bowron (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, December 2016

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FrameWork 6/15

by Jordy Hamilton (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, June 2015

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by Cassandra Getty, Robin Peck, Annie Cash
(exhibition catalogue)

Musum London, 2014

Patrick Howlett

by Ben Portis (review)

Canadian Art, Winter 2015

What Is and What Is Not: Patrick Howlett at G Gallery

by Brad Phillips (review)

ArtSlant, August 2014

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Patrick Howlett at Museum London

by Kim Neudorf (review)

akimblog, 20 May 2014

Howlett's exhibition explores Offerings

by Joe Belanger (review)

London Free Press, 11 May 2014

Patrick Howlett

by John Kissick (article)

RBC Canadian Painting Competition: Fifteen-Year Anniversary, 2013

Patrick Howlett

by E.C. Woodley (review)

Border Crossings, Issue 126, May 2013

How Hummingbird?

by Robert Linsley (review)

newabstraction.net, February 2013

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Patrick Howlett Draws Fresh Vectors for Painting

by Wojciech Olejnik (review)

Canadian Art online, January 2013

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FrameWork 1/13

by Kim Neudorf (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, January 2013

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Patrick Howlett: the possible and the real

by Adam Lauder (review)

Hunter and Cook 08, Winter 2011

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... Pas tout à fait ... Not Quite ...

by Lon Dubinsky (catalogue)

Pointe Claire: Galerie d’art Stewart Hall, 2011

Patrick Howlett: Possibly Real

by Richard Rhodes (review)

canadianart.ca, 14 September 2010

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by Rodney LaTourelle (review)

Akimblog, 28 July 2009

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Art Wanderings 2

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Eye Candy

by David Balzer (review)

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Gallery Going

by Gary Michael Dault (review)

The Globe and Mail, 27 December 2008

the higher you get the higher you get

by Katherine Laidlaw (review)

thingsofdesire.ca, 11 December 2008

Creative, Independent, thinker

by Laverne Stewart (article)

The Daily Gleaner, 13 September 2008

Dusseldorf Do

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RBC Canadian Painting Competition: Ten Years

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Fresh Wind from the West

by David Jaeger (review)

NOW Magazine, 2-8 March 2006


by Betty Ann Jordan (preview)

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Reflets III

by Robert Dufour (exhibition text)

Opuscule, May 2003