Black Glass (όνοπα πόντον), 2014,
installation view

#2 from left.jpg

Black Glass (όνοπα πόντον), 2014,
UV-curable ink print on laminate glass,
ink infused laminate, wood frame, 173 x 123 cm
#1 from left.jpg

Black Glass (όνοπα πόντον), 2014,
UV-curable ink print on laminated glass,
ink infused laminate, wood frame, 173 x 123 cm

Magnitude (roses/pinks), 2014
UV-curable ink on prepared linen,
acrylic latex, mdf support,
244 x 183 cm

Untitled (mirror), 2013,
ink on glass, 124 x 89 cm

Nude, 2011,
ink and UV radiation on cotton; acrylic latex on mdf support,
168 x 119 cm

Nude, 2011,
ink and UV radiation on cotton; acrylic latex on mdf support,
168 x 119 cm

Nude, 2011,
ink and UV radiation on cotton; acrylic latex on mdf support,
168 x 119 cm

installation view of Early Video, 2010

A Single Man/asm/1793, 2009,
acrylic paint, ink, pen ink and graphite on printed paper,
91.5 x 76 cm

A Single Man/asm/4808, 2009,
acrylic paint, ink, pen ink and graphite on printed paper,
91.5 x 76 cm

an aaliyah, 2006, installation view

The Canon Copiers, 2004, installation view

The Canon Copiers, 2004, installation view

only the beat of a tiring drum / ASP.53930, 2001, edition of 2,
colour photograph, 119 x 109 cm

nothing returns from Horizon, Ontario / ASP.45466, 2001, edition of 2,
colour photograph, 119 x 109 cm

Scott Lyall

Lyall is known for sculptural “settlements”: installation works that lay out relations between material, the gallery space, and his bodies of research to traverse different spatio-temporal dimensions and contexts.

My work combines effects of precise geometric calculation with a set of more spontaneously chosen art and design elements. References may be drawn from art history or celebrity cults, information culture, or political-economic abstraction. As such, no single concept guarantees the relationship of these elements, and no spectator is imagined to provide a definitive interpretation. The subject of the work retains an indiscernible status – naked exposure to, relief in, perpetuation of – the aleatory.

— Scott Lyall

Born in Toronto, Ontario
Queens University, Kingston
LL.B., University of Toronto, Toronto
M.F.A., California Institute of the Arts,

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Black Glass, Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

Campoli Presti, London, New York
Indiscretion, Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York
Sittlichkeit* (roses/pinks), Silver Flag,
Nudes, Sutton Lane, Paris
Double Yolk, (with Rachel Harrison), Galerie
   Christian Nagel, Antwerp
An Immigrant Affection, Miguel Abreu
   Gallery, New York
Early Video, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto

   about the exhibition

The Color Ball, The Power Plant, Toronto
simple agony, Sutton Lane, London
the little contemporaries, Sculpture Center,
   New York
a dancer dances, Miguel Abreu Gallery,
   New York
When Hangover Becomes Form
   (collaboration with Rachel Harrison),
   Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver;
   LACE, Los Angeles
an aaliyah, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
The Canon Copiers, Susan Hobbs Gallery,
OK!lahoma (8087/2000/2002), Art Gallery
   of York University, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Washington Square, GreeneNaftali Gallery,
   New York
GreeneNaftali Gallery, New York
John Good Gallery, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions

Signal Failure, Pace Gallery, London

Correspondences: Ad Reinhardt at 100, TEMP Art Space, New York

Galerie Perrotin, Paris
Anti-Establishment, Bard College,
   Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Ghosts before Breakfast, White Flag Projects,
   St. Louis, Missouri
I think and that is all that I am,
   Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles
With One Colour, Van de Weghe Fine Art,
   New York
New York to London and Back, Thomas Dane
   Gallery, London
Hasta Manana, Greene Naftali Gallery,
   New York
Incisions in Space. Sculptural Collages,
   Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany
Elements of Chance/La Tentation du Hasard,
   La Biennale de Montréal, Montréal
Collatéral, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers,
The Lining of Forgetting, Austin Museum
   of Art, Austin, Texas
CODESHARE, Contemporary Art Centre,
   Vilnius, Lithuania
Lucky Number Seven, SITE Santa Fe,
   Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Lining of Forgetting, Weatherspoon Art
   Museum, Greensboro, North Carolina
Momentum, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Massiv Analog Academy, Galerie
   Christian Nagel, Cologne
Form as Memory, Miguel Abreu Gallery,
   New York
For the People of Paris, Sutton Lane @
   Ghislaine Hussenot, Paris
We Can Do This Now, The Power Plant,
Hands Up/Hands Down, Miguel Abreu
   Gallery, New York
Yarns, Solomon Fine Art, Seattle
Psychotopes, YYZ Artist’s Outlet, Toronto
Mary Goldman Gallery, Los Angeles
Scott Lyall/Josh Blackwell, Goldman/Tevis,
   Los Angeles
Goldman/Tevis, Los Angeles
New York Projects, Delfina, London, England
Construction Drawings, KunstWerke, Berlin
Architecture! Architecture! Architecture!,
   Hunter College of the City of New York,
   New York
Construction Drawings, P.S.1, New York
EPLURALUSNIHIL, American Fine Arts Co.,
   New York
Copiacabana, Museo Extrameno de Arte
   Contemporaineo, Lisbon, Portugal
ReZone, Diverse Works Gallery, Houston
Club Berlin, Kunstshaft Site, Biennale de
   Venezia, Venice,Italy
The Los Angeles Thing, ICA, London,
   England; Glasgow College of Art,
   Glasgow, Scotland
Real, Post, Other, The Municipal Building,
   Los Angeles

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