Althea Lorraine Index Card.jpg

Althea, Lorraine, Index, Card, 2018,
archival ink jet print, 152.5 x 157.5 cm
Art Portrait w.Frame.jpg

Art Portrait, 2018,
archival ink jet print, 40.5 x 40.5 cm
Green Screen.jpg

Green Screen, 2018,
archival ink jet print, 86.5 x 114.5 cm
install 1.jpg

Preuzmimo Benčić, 2014,
high definition video with sound, 57:00

"Who is it that can tell me who I am?", 2012,
digital c-print, 66 x 221.5 cm

The Art of Seeing Without Being Seen, 2009,
digital c-print, 122 x 152.5 cm

Marat Sade Bohnice, 2012,
performance and video with sound, 48:00

“Who is it that can tell me who I am?”, 2012,
ink jet photographic mural, 3.3 x 1.3 m

Recovered Gelatin Dry Plates
(Unknown American Nudist Colony no.4)
, ca. 1935/2012,
archival ink jet print on bamboo paper, 50 x 56 cm

Recovered Gelatin Dry Plates
(Unknown American Nudist Colony no.10)
, ca. 1935/2012,
archival ink jet print on bamboo paper, 50 x 56 cm

Ecce Homo, 2011,
laminated digital c-print, 80 x 211 cm

Ecce Homo, 2011,
public photographic mural, Georgia and Granville Skytrain Station, Vancouver

Anatomie Artistique, 2011,
platinum/palladium print, 21.5 x 28 cm

2x3x8, 2006,
digital c-print, 122 x 183 cm

Arbeit, 2006,
digital c-print, 58.5 x 76 cm

Zivildienst ≠ Kunstprojekt, 2006,
performance and digital video with sound, 18:00

Dave Aschim, 2005,
digital c-print, 122 x 170 cm

Mike Fulop’s Poem, 2005,
black and white photograph, 51 x 76 cm

Northern, 2005,
35mm film transferred to digital video with sound, 8:00

Althea Thauberger

Althea Thauberger’s practice has evolved from documentary photography, where her recognizably striking portraiture belies the tension of a connection with the subjects of her images and her immersion as photographer within the environmental context of the image. Her methodology of image-making has consistently transitioned to large-scale international theatrical and performance productions, in sites rife with historical and social complexity. Thauberger’s position as co-director and co-producer is dependent on the relationships forged with fellow actors and audiences, creating an opening for complex community narratives to be performed and witnessed.
-Kristy Trinier
Born in Saskatoon, Canada
B.F.A, Concordia University, Montréal
M.F.A., University of Victoria, Victoria,
   British Columbia

Selected Solo Exhibitions
and Public Projects


Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Filmy Duniya, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver


The State of the Situation, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax


PhotoLab 5: Althea Thauberger, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

Who Is It That Will Tell Me What I Am, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge

Althea Lorraine, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition


Preuzmimo Benčić, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition

Marat Sade Bohnice, Audain Gallery,
Marat Sade Bohnice, Lakeside Arts Centre,
   Nottingham, England
SEEING Soldiering: In theatre with those
   who serve, The Military Museums, Calgary
The Apartment, Vancouver
Marat Sade Bohnice, The Power Plant,
Marat Sade Bohnice at The Unexpected
   Guest, Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool,
Msaskok, Haskell Opera House, Stanstead,
   QC/Derby Line VT
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
   about the exhibition
Zivildienst ≠ Kunstprojekt, Musée d’art
   contemporain de Montréal, Montréal
Songstress, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden
not afraid to die, Kitchener-Waterloo Art
   Gallery, Kitchener, Ontario
Ecce Homo, The City of Vancouver Public
   Art Program, Vancouver
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto  
Chelsea Girls, Art Gallery of Greater
   Victoria, Victoria
Carrall Street, Artspeak, Vancouver
The Art of Seeing Without Being Seen,
   Koerner Library, University of British
   Columbia, Vancouver
Northern, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina
Zivildienst ≠ Kunstproject, John Connelly
   Presents, New York
Alone again in the likeness of life, BAK,
   basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht
Zivildienst ≠ Kunstproject, Künstlerhaus
   Bethanien, Berlin
Murphy Canyon Choir, inSITE05,
   San Diego/Tijuana
A Memory Lasts Forever, Berkeley Art
   Museum, University of California
A Memory Lasts Forever, Presentation
   House Gallery, Vancouver
Jean, Gallery 101, Ottawa
Décarie Devotional Choir, Décarie,
   Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montréal
Songstress, White Columns, New York
Songstress, La Centrale, Montréal.
Steffanie Davis, Richmond Art Gallery,
   Richmond, British Columbia
Songstress, Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver
Open Space Gallery, Victoria
   (with Milutin Gubash)
Free Food!, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver

Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings


Shutter, Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History, Nelson, British Columbia


Listen Deeply, MONA, Hobart, Tasmania


The Shoreline Dilemma, Toronto Biennial of Art, Toronto


Field Work, Remai Modern, Saskatoon

N. Vancouver, The Polygon, Vancouver


In shadows of the individual, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff

Witness, Karachi Biennale, Pakistan

In Search of Expo 67, Musée d'art contemporain, Montréal

Pictures from Here, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver

Enter Stage Left, The Glucksman, Cork


Counterpoints: Photograph Through the Lens of Toronto Collections, Art Museum University of Toronto, Toronto


Preuzmimo Benčić, Roxy Theatre, Remai Modern, Saskatoon

Through a Window: Visual Arts and SFU 1965-2015, Audain Gallery, Vancouver

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver


L'avenir (looking forward): La Biennale de Montréal 2014, Montréal

Shine a Light: Canadian Biennial 2014, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

All Together Now, Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Toronto

Bande à part / Kids these days, Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop's University, Sherbrooke


Landscape Revised, Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops

Storytelling, National Gallery of Canada,
, apexart, New York
Simple Present, Future Anterior: a 20th
   Anniversary Show, Susan Hobbs Gallery,
Terms of Belonging, Overgaden Institute
   of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen
The Grange Prize 2011, Art Gallery of
   Ontario, Toronto
WE: Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery,
To Be Real, Prefix Photo, Toronto
The Beauty of Distance: Songs of Survival
   in a Precarious Age, 17th Biennale of
   Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Diabolique, Galerie de l’UQAM, Montréal;
   Oakville Galleries, Oakville
Diabolique, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina
Nomads, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Signal and Noise Festival, Vancouver
The Meaning is the Use, Blanket Gallery,
Images Festival, Toronto
The End, The Andy Warhol Museum,
Ambulante Film Festival, Mexico City,
   Guadalajara, Tijuana
The Soul, Manifesta 7, Trento, Italy
Farewell to Postcolonialism,
   Guangzhou Triennial, China
40 Years, 40 Projects, White Columns,
   New York
Pleinairism, i8 Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
Deep North, Club Transmediale, Berlin
Nothing of the North Unknown,
   Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin
Exponential Future, Belkin Gallery,
   UBC, Vancouver
The Tree: from the Sublime to the Social,
   Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
Imagine Action, Lisson Gallery, London
Fotofestival Mannheim Ludwigshafen
Le Mois de la Photo, Montréal
Zivildienst ≠ Kunstprojekt,
   West Germany, Berlin
Place of the Transcommon, Inova ICA,
   University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Utopian Mirage, Vassar College Art Gallery,
   Poughkeepsie, New York
e-flux video Film Festival, Extra City,
The Peninsula, Singapore History Museum,
Make Believe, Art Gallery of Alberta,
Canada Dreaming, Wolfsburg Kunstverein,
   Wolfsburg, Germany
Son et Vision, Musée des Beaux Arts
   de Montréal, Montreal
Solid State, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia,
Pink not Dead, Contemporary Art Center
   Ujazdowdki Castle, Warsaw
Why I’m So Unhappy, Or Gallery,
Mix, Temple University Art Gallery,
Pink not Dead, Garesh Galeria,
   Mexico City
Faking Death, Jack Shainman Gallery,
   New York
Emotional Realism: Althea Thauberger
   and Gillian Wearing, Khyber Centre,
Emotion Pictures, MuHKA, Antwerp
Sobey Art Award Exhibition, Yukon Art
   Centre, Whitehorse; Art Gallery of
   Greater Victoria; Museum of
   Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto
Sobey Art Award Exhibition, Art Gallery
   of Nova Scotia, Halifax.
Land of the Free, Jack Hanley Gallery,
   San Francisco
I Wanna Be a Popstar, Loop - raum für
   aktuelle kunst, Berlin
Fear Fair, Gallery MUU, Helsinki
Baja to Vancouver, Seattle Art Museum,
   Seattle; San Diego Museum of
   Contemporary Art, San Diego;
   Vancouver Art Gallery; Vancouver
   & Wattis Institute, California College
   of Art, San Francisco
I am a curator, Chisenhale Gallery, London
Orange, Expression, Centre d’exposition
   de Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec
Bambi, Institute of Contemporary Art,
   video lounge, Philadelphia.
soundtracks, Edmonton Art Gallery, Alberta;
   Blackwood Gallery, Toronto; Mackenzie
   Art Gallery, Regina
Commodius Evolution, Susan Hobbs Gallery,
Test Kitchen, Belkin Satellite Gallery,
Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas,
   Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
Definitely, but not Always, YYZ Artists’
   Outlet, Toronto and Apex Art, New York
Pseudo, The Floating Gallery & Plug-In
   billboard, Winnipeg, Manitoba
TV dinner with landscape, YYZ Artists’
   Outlet, Toronto

All the stars: Althea Thauberger at the Contemporary Art Gallery

by Russell Gordon (review)

ReIssue, January 2021

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Madiha Aijaz: Memorial for the lost pages, Althea Thauberger, Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Filmy Duniya

by Robin Laurence (review)

Border Crossings, November 2020

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Althea Thauberger: The State of the Situation

by Ray Cronin (review)

Halifax Magazine, 3 January 2020

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The Trouble with Occupying Others:
Althea Thauberger Confronts the Violence of the Archive

by Mark Mann (review)

Momus, 23 March 2018

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The Politics of the Archive

by Valérie Frappier (review)

Canadian Art, 14 March 2018

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FrameWork 2/18

by Lauren Fournier (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, February 2018

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Preuzmimo Benčić

by Una Bauer, Franco “Bifo” Berardi , Alissa Firth-Eagland, Ivana Golob, and Shawn Van Sluys

Musagetes, 2016

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Kids these days

by Zoë Chan (exhibition catalogue)

MSVU Art Gallery, 2016

Workers Entering The Factory After Thirteen Decades

by Amy Kazymerchyk (article)

BlackFlash, August 2015

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La révolution de / The Revolution of Marat, Sade, Bohnice

by Geneviève Chevalier (article)

ciel variable no. 100, June 2015

An Interview with Althea Thauberger

by Noni Brynjolson (interview)

Field, Spring 2015

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The Montreal Biennale: "L'avenir (looking forward)"

by James D. Campbell (review)

BorderCrossings, Spring 2015

Althea Thauberger: Preuzmimo Benčić (Take Back Benčić)

by Sam Ackerley (review)

thisistomorrow, 23 December 2014

Althea Thauberger: The Power Plant

by Milena Tomic (review)

Art in America, June 2013

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Althea Thauberger Focuses on Mental Illness in New Film

by Justin Mah (review)

Canadian Art Online, 5 February 2013

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Madness in Prague

by Fran Schechter (review)

NOW Magazine, 10 January 2013

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Liverpool Biennial 2012: lost in exhibition space

by Adrian Searle (article)

The Guardian, 14 September 2012

Althea Thauberger

by Rose Bouthillier (article)

C Magazine International, Summer 2012

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De Sade and revolution at Prague psychiatric hospital

by Michael Stein (article)

Czech Position, 26 April 2012

Althea Thauberger: Faraways

by Bryne McLaughlin (interview)

Canadian Art Online, 1 March, 2012

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FrameWork 2/12

by Saelan Twerdy (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, 2012

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Road Trip: Visit Montréal’s Musée d’art Contemporain for 18 minutes of Althea Thauberger’s best work

by Paul Gessell (article)

The Ottawa Citizen, 2 February 2012


by Michaela Hečková (project publication)

Prague: Prádelna, 2012

Terms of Belonging: Overgaden—Institute of Contemporary Art

by Stephen Squibb (article), November 2011

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The Vanishing Cause of History

by Andrew Witt (article)

The Mainlander, 2 November 2011

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Photo Mural Speaks of Vancouver’s Darkness

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Artthreat culture + politics, 21 September 2011

Beyond Reason

by Christopher Allen (article)

The Australian, 29 May 2010

Looking for levity in Afghanistan

by Paul Gessell (article)

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War Artist

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Montreal's 'Diabolique' show looks at art in time of war

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Cream 5 (Creamier)

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Artists in a land of wanderers

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The ghost of Warhol looms large

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Carrall Street/Althea Thauberger

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Carrall Street

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Out of many, they are one

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Manifesta 7

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Strange Manifestations

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Focusing on social ebb and flow

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Exponential Future

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Exponential Future

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Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, 2008

Althea Thauberger

by Victoria H. F. Scott (article)

European Photography, Fall/Winter 2007

Now Show: Melvin Moti

by Althea Thauberger (artist's writing)

Artspeak Postscript 31, 6 November 2007

Imagine Action: Lisson Gallery

by Rachel Withers (article)

Art Forum, October 2007

Imagine Action

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Make Up: Conversations About Medium. O’Brian, Tribe, Thauberger


Los Angeles X-TRA, Fall 2007

Straight to Video

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enRoute, August 2007

Imagine Action

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Flash Art, July 2007

Althea Thauberger—John Connelly Presents

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Althea Thauberger / Social Service ≠ Art Project


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One to Watch: Althea Thauberger

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Heel Erg Allen, Marr Niet Vrig

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Replaying Narrative Montréal

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Althea Thauberger

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Althea Thauberger—A Memory Lasts Forever

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Des Oeuvres Polymorphes

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In the Service of Art, Zivildienst ≠ Kunstprojekt (Social Service ≠ Art Project)

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Zivildienst ≠ Kunstprojekt (Social Service ≠ Art Project)

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Althea Thauberger

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Memory and Performance in Althea Thauberger’s Videoworks

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The 2004 Sobey Art Award

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Thauberger explores youth, nature

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Althea Thauberger

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Baja to Vancouver

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Girl Trouble: Teenage Girls in Contemporary Art

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Canada’s Daughter

by Althea Thauberger (artist's writing)

Public 28, 2003/04

Strange Animals

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Althea Thauberger—Berkeley Art Museum

by Glen Helfand (article)

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These artists know how to rock

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Son_Sound. Parachute

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Naturally: 33 Artists Digest the West Coast

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by Althea Thauberger (artist project)

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Critics’ Choice

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Baja to Vancouver

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Generation Next

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Critics’ Choice

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Defining Moment

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New Day Jubilee brings the baby to the new year

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Baja to Vancouver

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Adults evoke childish impulses

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Songstresses invent selves

by Alexander Varty (article)

The Georgia Straight, 7 Nov 2002

Althea Thauberger—Songstress

by Mia Johnson (article)

Preview, Sept 2002

Songstress/Songs for Girls

by Kathy Slade and Althea Thauberger

Artspeak, 2002

TV dinner with landscape

by Kim Pruesse & Scott Sörli (newsletter)

YYZ newsletter, October 2001