Spalted Log.jpg

Spalted Log, 2013,
watercolour on paper, 51 x 216 cm
Cedar Log.jpg

Cedar Log, 2013,
watercolour on paper, 51 x 222 cm
Rotting Maple.jpg

Rotting Maple, 2014,
watercolour on paper, 77.5 x 381 cm
butternut log.jpg

Butternut Log, 2013,
watercolour on paper, 53.5 x 216 cm


installation view of Dam, 2011, mixed media, 244 x 292 x 112 cm

Dam, 2011, mixed media, 122 x 114 cm

Maquette, 2011, paperboard,
43 x 68.5 x 35.5 cm

White Pine, 2008,
watercolour on paper, 122 x 114 cm

Butternut, 2008, 6 units, watercolour on paper, dimensions variable

Sugar Maple, 2005, 4 units, watercolour on paper, 91.5 x 218.5 cm each

White Pine, 2003,
watercolour on paper, 259 x 114 cm

Stick, 2003, 4 units,
watercolour on paper, 16 x 72 inches each

Sugar Maple, 2001-02, wood, 67 x 81 x 210.5 cm

Desert, Jet, 1994,
wood, oil, enamel, canvas, lights, photograph,
235 x 340 x 450 cm
Little Boy_detail.jpg

detail of Little Boy, 1986,
wood, oil, painted fabric, photograph, framed text,
133.5 x 101.5 x 183 cm
Little Boy_2.jpg

Little Boy, 1986,
wood, oil, painted fabric, photograph, framed text,
133.5 x 101.5 x 183 cm

Robert Wiens

Wiens’s large-scale watercolours take the trees of old growth forests as subject matter, documenting the various species – white pine, red pine, sugar maple – on a 1:1 scale. These detailed works appear near-photographic from a distance, giving way to an abstract slur of painted strokes upon closer examination.

“ I try for a one-to-one relationship between the tree and the painting. It’s my attempt to make something that’s real, though I also know it falls short. … When I first began to paint the way I do, it interested me to think about what a painting would be like if there were no vista in it. This is more like the way you’d see a tree when you’re on the trail. ”

— Robert Wiens

Born in Leamington, Ontario
New School of Art, Toronto

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition


Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition

Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
   about the exhibition
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Verdure, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina;
   Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery,
   Owen Sound
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Desert, Jet, Agnes Etherington Art Centre,
Bump, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
White Pine, Paul Petro Contemporary Art,
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Robert Wiens: Recent Sculpture,
   Oakville Galleries, Oakville;
   Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke;
   Le Musée d’art de Joliette, Joliette;
   Musée régionale de Rimouski, Rimouski;
   Université de Moncton, Moncton;
   Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax
Giving Voice, Art Gallery of Windsor,
Cut Line, Carmen Lamanna Gallery,
Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay
The Rip and the Little Boy, Or Gallery,
All the Work that’s to be done, Artcite,
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge
Sculpture, Glendon Gallery, York University,
The Tables, YYZ, Toronto
Passage Zone, Eye Level Gallery, Halifax
Site Construction, Mercer Union, Toronto

Selected Group Exhibitions


Form Follows Fiction: Art and Artists in Toronto, Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Toronto

Keeping Watch on Air, UNC Charlotte, North Carolina

Do Not Destroy: Trees, Art, and Jewish
   Thought, Contemporary Jewish Museum,
   San Francisco
New Canadiana, Agnes Etherington
   Art Centre, Kingston
Speak for the Trees, Friesen Gallery,
Speak for the Trees, Friesen Gallery,
   Sun Valley, Idaho
Projections, Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina
Projections, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton
Momentum, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Projections, Hart House, University of
   Toronto, Toronto
Micro/Macro, Gallery Stratford, Stratford;
   Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of
   Toronto, Scarborough
Regarding Landscape, Art Gallery of
   York University, Toronto
Paul Morris Gallery, New York
Great Lakes, York Quay Gallery, Toronto
Sensing the Forest, Wave Hill Glyndor
   Gallery, Bronx
The Hand, The Power Plant, Toronto
Sustentation, Plein Sud, Longueuil, Québec
Survey Results Show…, Oakville Galleries,
   Oakville; Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary;
   Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg
Art Gallery of North York, North York
Anni Novanta, Galleria d’Art Moderne,
   Bologna, Italy
Place/Practice, Agnes Etherington Art Centre,
Memory Works: Postmodern Impulses in
   Canadian Art, London Regional Art Gallery,
   London; Mississauga Civic Centre,
   Mississauga; Glenbow Museum, Calgary
Toronto: A Play of History (Jeu d’histoire),
   The Power Plant, Toronto
Paradise Then and Now, Toronto Sculpture
   Garden, Toronto
Songs of Experience, National Gallery of
   Canada, Ottawa
Subjects and Objects, MacDonald Stewart
   Art Centre, Guelph
Perspective 85, Art Gallery of Ontario,
Anxiety, Alienation, Aphasia, University
   of Lethbridge, Lethbridge
On Earth and in Heaven, Walter
   Phillips Gallery, Banff
80/1/2/3/4/Toronto: Content/Context,
   Mercer Union, Toronto; Open Space
   Gallery, Victoria; Contemporary
   Art Gallery, Vancouver
The New City of Sculpture, Gallery 76,
   Grunwald Gallery, Mercer Union,
   and YYZ, Toronto
Amsterdam—Toronto, Fodor Museum,
   Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Vestiges of Empire, Camden
   Arts Centre, London, England
Chromaliving, The Colonnade, Toronto
Directions: Four Artists, SL Simpson Gallery,
Monumenta, Joint exhibition at A Space,
   ChromaZone, Gallery 76, and YYZ,
Books in Manuscript Form, Mercer Union,
Toronto—L.A. Exchange, Los Angeles
   Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

FrameWork 3/14

by Ella Dawn McGeough (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, March 2014

read (pdf)

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Trees, Art, and Jewish Thought

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Art grows in a forest

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